Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She general plastic three eight concessions.

[Abstract: in Beijing a few days ago snow cooling did not affect the business to three eight festival consumption tide enthusiasm, have organized various promotional activities.Jewelry store discount promotions, flower shop Taobao shop custom active preparation, creative female small gifts.
Cosmetic industry also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, are introduced with their advantages HK, a field around the "she" activities show, began in 2011 the female consumer market curtain] medical beauty industry in the spring began to pick up reporters yesterday in the China Association of plastic surgery, Dr.
Zhang learned, experienced winter trough in the cosmetic industry, being along with March temperatures in a warmer, and the match 8 women's Day is the most important one of the promotional schedule canvas duffle bags, the plastic surgery institutions spare no effort to increase sales promotion strength.
Even the Navy General Hospital this rarely has the preferential benefit activity hospital joined.According to the Association statistics, in order to compete for greater market share, this year the cosmetic surgery industry preferential rate will be the highest ever.
Tertiary medical institutions offer items in short supply reporter then visited the Beijing Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center, in the hall to see to come to the consultation of the festival activities of female consumers in a continuous line Canvas satchel coffee, originally filled with brochure self storage rack is empty.
Make an appointment for thin round fat melting Miss Lee told reporters, because the appointment of too many people, their operation had to be up to three eight after the first weekend.Another free customer says: "in the three eight section I will buy some clothes, but with increasing age, and friends to do regular medical care, himself before doing activities Womens business tote bag army green, to have a look have the suitable project, when the right to send their own holiday gifts.
Holiday project accurate localization crowd followed by the center director Zhao purple lady accepted a reporter interview, when asked about the Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center this year three eight active positioning, director Zhao as follows: firstly the highest degree of attention is thin circumference dissolved fat weight loss program, make 4 parts with 1 a part of the margin of preference is preferred by many women, facial rejuvenation injection attention also many, buy 6 needle needle 1 is mainly due to attractive.
But the choice of the two preferential projects to do or old Gu guest, Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center in order to promote their own unique brand of VIP membership, also specially introduced during the festival VIP registered membership send 500 yuan coupon payments promotional items, close to many medical beauty will young women to join them.
Three events corresponding to the three major medical beauty needs groups, has accurate positioning, also really beckoning.Section three eight presents retrofit the reporter sees on the net friend's list of the three eight section ten vulgar gift, rose was ranked in the first place, followed by chocolate and candlelight dinner, and free SPA card card, beauty, medical plastic body VIP cards, gift became the new creative first.
The three eight Festival preferential activities are more and more not to be confined to the traditional price war, many businesses and medical institutions began with healthy, beautiful, practical project back to the vast number of female consumers.


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