Monday, April 9, 2012

Nude pure accessories out and out of white to printing and jewelry to match the Belle &Eacute poque

Out and out of season, white and beige, a monopoly of the Oversized Handbag sales canvas tote bag, exaggerated styling weird hat, as well as the ankle strap sandals, prepare them, your deep tones and complex decorative pattern on dress, is a perfect companion.
Printing and jewelry to appear at the same time not trouble?Thriving printing and dazzling jewelry at the same time and not with master choice.Stamp Dan Pinyi and solid color with jewelry to avoid focusing on visual effects, and to solid items loaded color jewelry can balance the heavy printing.
For example, solid is provided with color Bao balance printing downloading the visual focus, or color treasure hidden in the print coat, brought about partly hidden and partly visible charm.
Marchak treasure Paris Butterfly Brooch
Van Cleef Arpels Paris series RUBY BROOCH
Stamp skirt has very deep very sturdy and durable, to avoid the fabric printing on a pile of jewelry, bracelet or necklace, can choose the ring away from the body jewelry to complete model.

Dior senior jewelry color Jewelry Earrings
Bulgari pearl color Gemstone Earrings diamond necklace in platinum (1910 2009 New York Christie's)
Belle poque spirit side bag for women army green, expensive platinum in addition to won the Royal favorite, is increasingly popular, and platinum very hard, good toughness and other characteristics, by the Artisan Jewelry that is most can achieve Belle poque period jewelry design and process materials, thus being widely applied at the time of platinum jewelry works.


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