Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cowboy is not make a day! Hb PUMA 2010 Archive Bubble write Qiu Niu legend Tech Pack series listed 3

Be fearless, march forward courageously, your heart is a cowboy's belief!
Cowboy is not make a day! Since the 2010 launch of China's first cowboy swim trunks, Hongkong new sharp brand Hb in 2011 and attack again, add Qiu Niu legend, Hb in the new season's cowboy swim trunks merged with wild leather, rough bronze nail, most incisive presentation of cowboy elements.

Sexy and wild is the Hb season cowboy swim trunks of the essence, limit Hipster design, release your inner unruly and wild challenges the most instinctive desire, cowboy.In 2010 January PUMA 2010 Archive Bubble Tech Pack series shock listed.
Archive Bubble Tech Pack series combines the retro Trinomic running system and the most cutting-edge visual techniques: 10 CELL.This unique system has brought high-tech comfort and modern style beauty.
You can also have the double enjoyment.The PUMA will also introduce three types: Sky II Hi, PUMA Mid, Disc Blaze.Believe that you must be able to find a suitable for their own running shoes.
It is worth mentioning that, the series of colors inspired by early color television test signal.
Each pair of shoes with black leather uppers, soles sandwich graffiti style television test signal colors as well as the 10 CELL foam sandwich.While Trinomic's cellular structure and the permeability of perforated design fashion color, so that the entire form reflect strong modern sense.
When you put the three pairs of shoes tied together, you can see the full effect of the test signal is a French romantic tenderness style became 3SUISSES Farrell spring / Summer 2010 main theme.In Europe to enjoy more than 70 years of industry experience, the famous French fashion brand 3SUISSES Farrell (Faruier) (to), apricot, pink and soft chiffon, knitting primarily city series, with flounces, bows, fold Canvas messenger bag coffee for women, hook flower, female tender feelings elements, showing the French romantic season beautiful women temperament.

Pondering and fashionable series with blue and white as the leading, Navy, folk style, injection, printing Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag, such as denim stripe fresh elements, young female sexual expression, self, savoring fashion image.
If the satchel show not seen people, too many people first reaction is, it is used to buy food?!The Miu Miu satchel's appearance is really like basket, at first glance it is not something like leather, rattan, but the red is really attractive mini canvas bag, but will rarely see major suit out of this type of bag.
If you carry this bag to buy food, estimated return rate is very high, but to make a solemn occasion, I have a bit cautiously.The designer is very careful, there's a small bag, so that I am not afraid


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