Monday, April 9, 2012

Large necklace collar scenic 2009 fashion week popular fashion accessories selection

A decorative sense of full metal pendant necklace is still today the accessories popular focus.The "large" necklace design more grand, either bold colors fashion canvas handbag, or heavy metal texture, as well as the natural flower shapes, use, quite artistic taste, very be good to hear or see.

Special recommendation: golden chain Tassel Necklace Chanel decorated with a strong sense of metal necklace, meticulous tassel design revealed some season popular fashion taste.Decorated with "white pearl, so that the irregular metallic tassel chain design more layered, plus the size of the metal Logo, the collar full of smart beauty.
From New York to Paris, from Milan to Tokyo female canvas shoulder bag, gorgeous flyover staged one after another miracle with fashion, fashion accessories and attracts more and more attention, some professional accessories designer and major suit transboundary cooperation becomes more and more intense Fanny pack bag black, such as European women brand Karry 'O straddling France well-known clothing brand Nina Ricci design of surprise Art bracelet, and then to the Italy jewellery brand Damiani and minimalist fashion brand Jil Sander collaboration to create unique artistic streamline shape earrings, jewelry has become the protagonist of be worthy of the name of fashion.


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