Monday, April 16, 2012

Fashion bride seckill red blood wire eye beauty magic

Spring bride like May flowers, exquisite makeup face with bright spring.No matter you are advocating natural Orange Canvas Bag, love romance, or is doing modern bride, wanted at the most important moments create fashion fresh look, presents the most beautiful side is reserved for persistent memory, it is essential to create a pair of aura with expressive eyes, to contact MM, before wedding walk wedding dress rehearsal, constantly changing dress, a makeup Canvas school backpack yellow for boys, physical exhaustion eyes inevitably appeared tired, climb the red blood.

Don't want to let these worries in your most important day to bother you?To put these hinder eyes beautiful killer strangled in the cradle?You need to choose a high oxygen permeable contact lens, "oxygen" protecting your cornea, let eyes breathe easy, natural can satisfy you long to wear but no blood troubles.

Advanced silicone hydrogel material is to achieve a high oxygen permeability of the strong support from the United States, as the company pioneered the development of silicone hydrogel products "Shu as the oxygen", is a worldwide leading product, with a high of 138 ultra high oxygen permeability, is 5 times the ordinary hydrogel lenses.
The lens is no longer subject to moisture manacle, oxygen everfount through the lens to the cornea, corneal with rich oxygen energy, satisfy the corneal oxygen demand, to help you get rid of the red blood to disturb, so it was filmed at the wedding when repeated on the makeup, or the day of the wedding the complicated process, eye fatigue will no longer now, still can appear dazzling beautiful clear, do the most beautiful bride nature is not a dream!
Let us have a look the bride a few experience.

Experience: Judy bride
Occupation: International Marketing Manager
Date: May 2, 2010
Experience report:
As a white-collar foreign invested enterprises I attach great importance to their appearance, asking yourself whenever with no chink in one's armour, in addition to the regular beauty salon skin care and on good yoga classes, Pilates.
But my busy work, but my eyes were full of blood, the doctor said I ignored on corneal maintenance, the most important days to come, hope to more superior state to meet his gaze.
After a friend recommended me to try the Ciba "Shu as the oxygen" products, this product is the biggest advantages of high oxygen permeability.
It adopted the current international advanced silicone hydrogel material, determines its oxygen permeability for the last regular contact lenses several times, so I don't have to worry about dry eyes itching, redness and other problems, and can be healthy "oxygen" for my cornea, so that the eyes to reproduce the natural moisture.
The day after a series of complicated part, when the veil that moment canvas tote bags grocery, appears in front of him I like a baby's eyes no confusion, brighter, I saw his eyes deep love.
Experience the bride: Xiao Yan
Occupation: tide bulletin editor
Date: October 10, 2010
Experience report:
I is a fashion magazine editor, my occupation decided no matter when I have to tide, must have the style, married the day nature is to become the most successful one, as the "Shu as the oxygen" is I usually have been using the product, it is comfortable to wear experience let me no matter HIGH how late is still healthy, bright eyes, because of the Ciba brand strong impression, I tried another as more high-end "day and night" product, it is high up to 175 oxygen permeability, almost on the market did not find a higher oxygen permeability of similar products.
It also passes through the United States FDA quality certification can effectively improve the corneal health lenses, without having to worry about red blood troubles.
Wedding day approached, busy day from work even more than the hotel, wedding, wedding company making contact with all kinds of things are busy I inside and outside of all coke.
Friends always worried that I often wear contact lenses eye discomfort, will affect the performance of the wedding day.Fortunately, as the innovative lens surface membrane treatment technology, can be in contact lens surface, forming a thickness of only 1/100000 of the hair protection film.
Thereby reducing the lens surface sedimentation filth, long lens remains clean, maintain an excellent comfort.I almost forget yourself is near-sighted.I at our wedding photos to play in specially selected a childhood "four eyes.
" modeling cute pictures, expecting guests to see my debut after stunning eyes.
At present, as the "invisible friends are being held for deep breath" network activity, recommend around "stealth" bride, you can get a free trial installed, we make a beautiful bride.


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