Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Galie Lai official endorsement of Watson's series of bird's nest

The three upgrade new experience of skin whitening formula , relationresultBirdas the Watsons trump card products ,launched five years much consumer support and trust ,more time Watson HWB annual sales awards awards .
A few days ago, Watson series of upgrades in the round ,the new introduction of Tianshan snow lotus and peptides valuable raw materials ,three whitening formula for the lady to bring whitening new experience .
International supermodel and miss Galie Lai to take up the post of ambassador Travel rucksack, with its generous fashion temperament ,white and clear skin deductive woman luxury skin care line .relationresultGalie Laistar endorsement of bird new upgrade heavy canvas tote bags, relationresultIn October 18th,the new series of bird conference was held in Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing ,conference to elegant piano with ballet opened the prelude .
Subsequently, the bird spokesman Galie Lai Miss elegant appearance ,and Watson China CEO Mr. Luo Jingren for the new generation series of bird market do simple and grand ceremony starts .
relationresultInternationalsupermodel Galie Lai not only in the T table outstanding charm ,in the fashion industry as sparkling ,an elegant temperament and fair skin is not only influenced by jewelry watches brand love ,also by the personal care experts Watson favor .
Galie Lai at the scene said Frank ,who grew up abroad ,she was enjoying elegant life of quality .But as a model, she needs to pay attention to keep the skin moist and white translucent, white skin should be visible from the inside of the crystal clear therefore choose to whitening products is very important .
At the same time ,Galie Lai and the scene audience recommend Watsons new generation series of bird ,new three whitening formula ,Xiaoyan Galie Lai since the trial after he put it down .
relationresultNewthree whitening formula disposable multifunctional protection , relationresultMarriedGalie Lai turned to art education ,less stage work ,whether can relax on the skin of the pursuit of the ultimate ?Galie Lai said the woman on the pursuit of beauty is no limit ,work structure change let her skin care products on the request to change than before ,tedious and meticulous nursing ,now she like multi-effect-one products ,it is also her support for a new generation of bird is one of the reasons .
relationresultGalie Lai,the new series of bird retains the original valuable natural bird nest essence ingredient ,also chooses the Tianshan snow lotus and peptides as precious raw materials ,snow lotus grows in the Tianshan Mountains at an elevation of 4000 metersabove the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs ,through harsh environment and year-round sunshine stimulation ,closer to the sun sunshine more able to stimulate the pure white beauty the new formula ,and the main rod member peptides can remove wrinkles ,increase skin elasticity ,three valuable formula encounter, allowing a new generation of bird has whitening and moisturizing ,firming face and antioxidant in one function .
To Galie Lai surprise, after the upgrade of the bird also enrich the single product series ,skin care four steps of full coverage ,and hand cream and lotion ,now you just need to step by step using Watson series of bird ,feel the skin as if every day to eat bird .
relationresultExpression ofWatson series of bird of the invite ,Galie Lai also give the scene a pair of their paintings to Watson ,from the elegant ballet to simple painting show ,more foil Watson new generation series of bird luxury .
relationresultThebird skin care series introduction , relationresultFor women,the bird can not only cultivate healthy beautiful skin ,can let oneself from the inside with noble and elegant temperament .
Watson upcoming new escalation of the bird ,to meet the different needs of consumers ,and strive to make the skin vigor ,bloom moving style .relationresultBirdwith lotus ,- white skin flawless beauty .
relationresultA new generation ofWatson series of bird ,retain the original natural bird nest essence ingredient ,let it continue to play deep nourishment ,whitening skin .In addition ,also select the Tianshan snow lotus and peptides as precious raw materials ,the original formula new upgrade ,make the skin from the whitening whitening ,presents a smooth white translucent effect ,for the busy urban female in a short period of time to create flawless whitening provides a more effective method .
relationresultA perfect singleproduct series ,let you feel the meticulous skin care experience , relationresultIn five years,Watson was to create classic bird nest nursing mask ,new combinations will single product extension ,added cream ,eye mask cream ,hand cream and other products .
relationresultNewproduct introduction designer canvas handbag, changed the original mask the single product structure, to mask replenishment whitening ,nourishing whitening cream perfect coordination ,perfect product series makes the bird nest essence permeates every inch of the skin ,whitening and tightening at the same time ,make the skin healthy and fair condition .
relationresultGoldenluxury packaging ,Zhen luxurious qualities , relationresultUpgrading of theexternal packaging to luxurious gold as the main color ,bottle with a unique double bottle design, pale golden in transparent acrylic with elegant light .
In addition ,Watson also adopted the views of member ,withhold before a series of acclaimed swallow pattern .Product packing box uses the latest international packaging design style ,and for the first time with product specification .


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