Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She general plastic three eight concessions.

[Abstract: in Beijing a few days ago snow cooling did not affect the business to three eight festival consumption tide enthusiasm, have organized various promotional activities.Jewelry store discount promotions, flower shop Taobao shop custom active preparation, creative female small gifts.
Cosmetic industry also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, are introduced with their advantages HK, a field around the "she" activities show, began in 2011 the female consumer market curtain] medical beauty industry in the spring began to pick up reporters yesterday in the China Association of plastic surgery, Dr.
Zhang learned, experienced winter trough in the cosmetic industry, being along with March temperatures in a warmer, and the match 8 women's Day is the most important one of the promotional schedule canvas duffle bags, the plastic surgery institutions spare no effort to increase sales promotion strength.
Even the Navy General Hospital this rarely has the preferential benefit activity hospital joined.According to the Association statistics, in order to compete for greater market share, this year the cosmetic surgery industry preferential rate will be the highest ever.
Tertiary medical institutions offer items in short supply reporter then visited the Beijing Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center, in the hall to see to come to the consultation of the festival activities of female consumers in a continuous line Canvas satchel coffee, originally filled with brochure self storage rack is empty.
Make an appointment for thin round fat melting Miss Lee told reporters, because the appointment of too many people, their operation had to be up to three eight after the first weekend.Another free customer says: "in the three eight section I will buy some clothes, but with increasing age, and friends to do regular medical care, himself before doing activities Womens business tote bag army green, to have a look have the suitable project, when the right to send their own holiday gifts.
Holiday project accurate localization crowd followed by the center director Zhao purple lady accepted a reporter interview, when asked about the Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center this year three eight active positioning, director Zhao as follows: firstly the highest degree of attention is thin circumference dissolved fat weight loss program, make 4 parts with 1 a part of the margin of preference is preferred by many women, facial rejuvenation injection attention also many, buy 6 needle needle 1 is mainly due to attractive.
But the choice of the two preferential projects to do or old Gu guest, Navy General Hospital laser cosmetic center in order to promote their own unique brand of VIP membership, also specially introduced during the festival VIP registered membership send 500 yuan coupon payments promotional items, close to many medical beauty will young women to join them.
Three events corresponding to the three major medical beauty needs groups, has accurate positioning, also really beckoning.Section three eight presents retrofit the reporter sees on the net friend's list of the three eight section ten vulgar gift, rose was ranked in the first place, followed by chocolate and candlelight dinner, and free SPA card card, beauty, medical plastic body VIP cards, gift became the new creative first.
The three eight Festival preferential activities are more and more not to be confined to the traditional price war, many businesses and medical institutions began with healthy, beautiful, practical project back to the vast number of female consumers.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Galie Lai official endorsement of Watson's series of bird's nest

The three upgrade new experience of skin whitening formula , relationresultBirdas the Watsons trump card products ,launched five years much consumer support and trust ,more time Watson HWB annual sales awards awards .
A few days ago, Watson series of upgrades in the round ,the new introduction of Tianshan snow lotus and peptides valuable raw materials ,three whitening formula for the lady to bring whitening new experience .
International supermodel and miss Galie Lai to take up the post of ambassador Travel rucksack, with its generous fashion temperament ,white and clear skin deductive woman luxury skin care line .relationresultGalie Laistar endorsement of bird new upgrade heavy canvas tote bags, relationresultIn October 18th,the new series of bird conference was held in Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing ,conference to elegant piano with ballet opened the prelude .
Subsequently, the bird spokesman Galie Lai Miss elegant appearance ,and Watson China CEO Mr. Luo Jingren for the new generation series of bird market do simple and grand ceremony starts .
relationresultInternationalsupermodel Galie Lai not only in the T table outstanding charm ,in the fashion industry as sparkling ,an elegant temperament and fair skin is not only influenced by jewelry watches brand love ,also by the personal care experts Watson favor .
Galie Lai at the scene said Frank ,who grew up abroad ,she was enjoying elegant life of quality .But as a model, she needs to pay attention to keep the skin moist and white translucent, white skin should be visible from the inside of the crystal clear therefore choose to whitening products is very important .
At the same time ,Galie Lai and the scene audience recommend Watsons new generation series of bird ,new three whitening formula ,Xiaoyan Galie Lai since the trial after he put it down .
relationresultNewthree whitening formula disposable multifunctional protection , relationresultMarriedGalie Lai turned to art education ,less stage work ,whether can relax on the skin of the pursuit of the ultimate ?Galie Lai said the woman on the pursuit of beauty is no limit ,work structure change let her skin care products on the request to change than before ,tedious and meticulous nursing ,now she like multi-effect-one products ,it is also her support for a new generation of bird is one of the reasons .
relationresultGalie Lai,the new series of bird retains the original valuable natural bird nest essence ingredient ,also chooses the Tianshan snow lotus and peptides as precious raw materials ,snow lotus grows in the Tianshan Mountains at an elevation of 4000 metersabove the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs ,through harsh environment and year-round sunshine stimulation ,closer to the sun sunshine more able to stimulate the pure white beauty the new formula ,and the main rod member peptides can remove wrinkles ,increase skin elasticity ,three valuable formula encounter, allowing a new generation of bird has whitening and moisturizing ,firming face and antioxidant in one function .
To Galie Lai surprise, after the upgrade of the bird also enrich the single product series ,skin care four steps of full coverage ,and hand cream and lotion ,now you just need to step by step using Watson series of bird ,feel the skin as if every day to eat bird .
relationresultExpression ofWatson series of bird of the invite ,Galie Lai also give the scene a pair of their paintings to Watson ,from the elegant ballet to simple painting show ,more foil Watson new generation series of bird luxury .
relationresultThebird skin care series introduction , relationresultFor women,the bird can not only cultivate healthy beautiful skin ,can let oneself from the inside with noble and elegant temperament .
Watson upcoming new escalation of the bird ,to meet the different needs of consumers ,and strive to make the skin vigor ,bloom moving style .relationresultBirdwith lotus ,- white skin flawless beauty .
relationresultA new generation ofWatson series of bird ,retain the original natural bird nest essence ingredient ,let it continue to play deep nourishment ,whitening skin .In addition ,also select the Tianshan snow lotus and peptides as precious raw materials ,the original formula new upgrade ,make the skin from the whitening whitening ,presents a smooth white translucent effect ,for the busy urban female in a short period of time to create flawless whitening provides a more effective method .
relationresultA perfect singleproduct series ,let you feel the meticulous skin care experience , relationresultIn five years,Watson was to create classic bird nest nursing mask ,new combinations will single product extension ,added cream ,eye mask cream ,hand cream and other products .
relationresultNewproduct introduction designer canvas handbag, changed the original mask the single product structure, to mask replenishment whitening ,nourishing whitening cream perfect coordination ,perfect product series makes the bird nest essence permeates every inch of the skin ,whitening and tightening at the same time ,make the skin healthy and fair condition .
relationresultGoldenluxury packaging ,Zhen luxurious qualities , relationresultUpgrading of theexternal packaging to luxurious gold as the main color ,bottle with a unique double bottle design, pale golden in transparent acrylic with elegant light .
In addition ,Watson also adopted the views of member ,withhold before a series of acclaimed swallow pattern .Product packing box uses the latest international packaging design style ,and for the first time with product specification .


Monday, April 16, 2012

Fashion bride seckill red blood wire eye beauty magic

Spring bride like May flowers, exquisite makeup face with bright spring.No matter you are advocating natural Orange Canvas Bag, love romance, or is doing modern bride, wanted at the most important moments create fashion fresh look, presents the most beautiful side is reserved for persistent memory, it is essential to create a pair of aura with expressive eyes, to contact MM, before wedding walk wedding dress rehearsal, constantly changing dress, a makeup Canvas school backpack yellow for boys, physical exhaustion eyes inevitably appeared tired, climb the red blood.

Don't want to let these worries in your most important day to bother you?To put these hinder eyes beautiful killer strangled in the cradle?You need to choose a high oxygen permeable contact lens, "oxygen" protecting your cornea, let eyes breathe easy, natural can satisfy you long to wear but no blood troubles.

Advanced silicone hydrogel material is to achieve a high oxygen permeability of the strong support from the United States, as the company pioneered the development of silicone hydrogel products "Shu as the oxygen", is a worldwide leading product, with a high of 138 ultra high oxygen permeability, is 5 times the ordinary hydrogel lenses.
The lens is no longer subject to moisture manacle, oxygen everfount through the lens to the cornea, corneal with rich oxygen energy, satisfy the corneal oxygen demand, to help you get rid of the red blood to disturb, so it was filmed at the wedding when repeated on the makeup, or the day of the wedding the complicated process, eye fatigue will no longer now, still can appear dazzling beautiful clear, do the most beautiful bride nature is not a dream!
Let us have a look the bride a few experience.

Experience: Judy bride
Occupation: International Marketing Manager
Date: May 2, 2010
Experience report:
As a white-collar foreign invested enterprises I attach great importance to their appearance, asking yourself whenever with no chink in one's armour, in addition to the regular beauty salon skin care and on good yoga classes, Pilates.
But my busy work, but my eyes were full of blood, the doctor said I ignored on corneal maintenance, the most important days to come, hope to more superior state to meet his gaze.
After a friend recommended me to try the Ciba "Shu as the oxygen" products, this product is the biggest advantages of high oxygen permeability.
It adopted the current international advanced silicone hydrogel material, determines its oxygen permeability for the last regular contact lenses several times, so I don't have to worry about dry eyes itching, redness and other problems, and can be healthy "oxygen" for my cornea, so that the eyes to reproduce the natural moisture.
The day after a series of complicated part, when the veil that moment canvas tote bags grocery, appears in front of him I like a baby's eyes no confusion, brighter, I saw his eyes deep love.
Experience the bride: Xiao Yan
Occupation: tide bulletin editor
Date: October 10, 2010
Experience report:
I is a fashion magazine editor, my occupation decided no matter when I have to tide, must have the style, married the day nature is to become the most successful one, as the "Shu as the oxygen" is I usually have been using the product, it is comfortable to wear experience let me no matter HIGH how late is still healthy, bright eyes, because of the Ciba brand strong impression, I tried another as more high-end "day and night" product, it is high up to 175 oxygen permeability, almost on the market did not find a higher oxygen permeability of similar products.
It also passes through the United States FDA quality certification can effectively improve the corneal health lenses, without having to worry about red blood troubles.
Wedding day approached, busy day from work even more than the hotel, wedding, wedding company making contact with all kinds of things are busy I inside and outside of all coke.
Friends always worried that I often wear contact lenses eye discomfort, will affect the performance of the wedding day.Fortunately, as the innovative lens surface membrane treatment technology, can be in contact lens surface, forming a thickness of only 1/100000 of the hair protection film.
Thereby reducing the lens surface sedimentation filth, long lens remains clean, maintain an excellent comfort.I almost forget yourself is near-sighted.I at our wedding photos to play in specially selected a childhood "four eyes.
" modeling cute pictures, expecting guests to see my debut after stunning eyes.
At present, as the "invisible friends are being held for deep breath" network activity, recommend around "stealth" bride, you can get a free trial installed, we make a beautiful bride.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cowboy is not make a day! Hb PUMA 2010 Archive Bubble write Qiu Niu legend Tech Pack series listed 3

Be fearless, march forward courageously, your heart is a cowboy's belief!
Cowboy is not make a day! Since the 2010 launch of China's first cowboy swim trunks, Hongkong new sharp brand Hb in 2011 and attack again, add Qiu Niu legend, Hb in the new season's cowboy swim trunks merged with wild leather, rough bronze nail, most incisive presentation of cowboy elements.

Sexy and wild is the Hb season cowboy swim trunks of the essence, limit Hipster design, release your inner unruly and wild challenges the most instinctive desire, cowboy.In 2010 January PUMA 2010 Archive Bubble Tech Pack series shock listed.
Archive Bubble Tech Pack series combines the retro Trinomic running system and the most cutting-edge visual techniques: 10 CELL.This unique system has brought high-tech comfort and modern style beauty.
You can also have the double enjoyment.The PUMA will also introduce three types: Sky II Hi, PUMA Mid, Disc Blaze.Believe that you must be able to find a suitable for their own running shoes.
It is worth mentioning that, the series of colors inspired by early color television test signal.
Each pair of shoes with black leather uppers, soles sandwich graffiti style television test signal colors as well as the 10 CELL foam sandwich.While Trinomic's cellular structure and the permeability of perforated design fashion color, so that the entire form reflect strong modern sense.
When you put the three pairs of shoes tied together, you can see the full effect of the test signal is a French romantic tenderness style became 3SUISSES Farrell spring / Summer 2010 main theme.In Europe to enjoy more than 70 years of industry experience, the famous French fashion brand 3SUISSES Farrell (Faruier) (to), apricot, pink and soft chiffon, knitting primarily city series, with flounces, bows, fold Canvas messenger bag coffee for women, hook flower, female tender feelings elements, showing the French romantic season beautiful women temperament.

Pondering and fashionable series with blue and white as the leading, Navy, folk style, injection, printing Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag, such as denim stripe fresh elements, young female sexual expression, self, savoring fashion image.
If the satchel show not seen people, too many people first reaction is, it is used to buy food?!The Miu Miu satchel's appearance is really like basket, at first glance it is not something like leather, rattan, but the red is really attractive mini canvas bag, but will rarely see major suit out of this type of bag.
If you carry this bag to buy food, estimated return rate is very high, but to make a solemn occasion, I have a bit cautiously.The designer is very careful, there's a small bag, so that I am not afraid


Monday, April 9, 2012

Large necklace collar scenic 2009 fashion week popular fashion accessories selection

A decorative sense of full metal pendant necklace is still today the accessories popular focus.The "large" necklace design more grand, either bold colors fashion canvas handbag, or heavy metal texture, as well as the natural flower shapes, use, quite artistic taste, very be good to hear or see.

Special recommendation: golden chain Tassel Necklace Chanel decorated with a strong sense of metal necklace, meticulous tassel design revealed some season popular fashion taste.Decorated with "white pearl, so that the irregular metallic tassel chain design more layered, plus the size of the metal Logo, the collar full of smart beauty.
From New York to Paris, from Milan to Tokyo female canvas shoulder bag, gorgeous flyover staged one after another miracle with fashion, fashion accessories and attracts more and more attention, some professional accessories designer and major suit transboundary cooperation becomes more and more intense Fanny pack bag black, such as European women brand Karry 'O straddling France well-known clothing brand Nina Ricci design of surprise Art bracelet, and then to the Italy jewellery brand Damiani and minimalist fashion brand Jil Sander collaboration to create unique artistic streamline shape earrings, jewelry has become the protagonist of be worthy of the name of fashion.


Nude pure accessories out and out of white to printing and jewelry to match the Belle &Eacute poque

Out and out of season, white and beige, a monopoly of the Oversized Handbag sales canvas tote bag, exaggerated styling weird hat, as well as the ankle strap sandals, prepare them, your deep tones and complex decorative pattern on dress, is a perfect companion.
Printing and jewelry to appear at the same time not trouble?Thriving printing and dazzling jewelry at the same time and not with master choice.Stamp Dan Pinyi and solid color with jewelry to avoid focusing on visual effects, and to solid items loaded color jewelry can balance the heavy printing.
For example, solid is provided with color Bao balance printing downloading the visual focus, or color treasure hidden in the print coat, brought about partly hidden and partly visible charm.
Marchak treasure Paris Butterfly Brooch
Van Cleef Arpels Paris series RUBY BROOCH
Stamp skirt has very deep very sturdy and durable, to avoid the fabric printing on a pile of jewelry, bracelet or necklace, can choose the ring away from the body jewelry to complete model.

Dior senior jewelry color Jewelry Earrings
Bulgari pearl color Gemstone Earrings diamond necklace in platinum (1910 2009 New York Christie's)
Belle poque spirit side bag for women army green, expensive platinum in addition to won the Royal favorite, is increasingly popular, and platinum very hard, good toughness and other characteristics, by the Artisan Jewelry that is most can achieve Belle poque period jewelry design and process materials, thus being widely applied at the time of platinum jewelry works.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ghost - A Love Story Movie Review

Ghost - A Love Story Movie Review

"Ghost" is one of the most popular romantic movies of all time and it frequently appears near the top of the list for popular romantic movies and favorite movies for women. The emotional pull of the movie is provided by the yearning of the two lovers to be together despite the death of one of the partners.Ghost was directed by Jerry Tucker and the leading characters are played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, with a strong supporting role for Whoopie Goldberg, who won an Academy Award for her performance in this role. To date, it has earned more than $500 million worldwide and a stage production is scheduled to open in the West End in 2010.Although there is a dramatic storyline which includes the murder of the husband, Sam (played by Patrick Swayze) and an attempt by the villain to harm the wife, Molly (Demi Moore) as well Sam's friend, Oda Mae (Whoopie Goldberg), the real heart of the movie lies with the loving intimacy of Sam and Molly, both before and after his death.There are a number of moving and tender moments as Sam's spirit attempts to make physical contact with Molly. One unforgettable scene has Molly seated at a potters wheel, shaping clay and she senses his lingering quilt tool case, loving embrace. The song "Unchained Melody" beautifully captures the feelings of the pair at this moment.The "real world" plot involves Sam's friend, Carl, a co-worker at the bank where Sam was employed and who was responsible for Sam's death. Carl has fraudulently transferred funds to another account white cute backpack, giving him access blue messenger bag for women, and Sam has changed the password on the computer which enables this. Carl wants the new password and stages a robbery to obtain it but, in a scuffle which ensues, Sam is killed.His spirit remains earthbound and Sam refuses to accompany his escorts to heaven. Instead, he finds a woman who has the psychic ability to hear his voice (Oda Mae) and through her tries to make contact with Molly. Despite her reluctance to be involved, at one point Oda Mae even allows Sam to "possess" her body so he can experience an embrace with Molly. Much of the ineraction between Sam, Molly, and Oda Mae involves Sam's desperate attempts to get Molly to believe that he is still around and that Oda Mae can genuinely hear him.One particularly touching scene is when Oda Mae is struggling to convince the skeptical Molly that sam is present and capable of communicating through her. She is finally convinced after Sam uses a trick that he learned from another spirit which enables him to push a penny up a wall - without it apparently being touched.The plot involving the funds which Carl desperately tries to retrieve provides a necessary, if not entirely gripping framework, around which much of the emotional elements revolve.Finally mens organizer bag, all that remains is the tender love of Sam and Maggie after the villain has been vanquished. What do they - can they - do now? This is a special moment for them and the outcome has the audience in tears.

'Ghost' is one of the most popular romantic movies of all time and it frequently appears near the top of the list for popular romantic movies and favorite movies for women. The emotional pull of the movie is provided by the yearning of the two lovers to be together despite the death of one of the partners.